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Boy's Own Productions

We are now stockists of official Boy's Own Productions merchandise.

The origins of the iconic record label go back to 1987, when a group of Chelsea football fans started a fanzine named Boys Own, edited by future singer of the Farm, Peter Hooton.
The Boys Own crew, consisting of Terry Farley, Andrew Weatherall, Cymon Eckel, Pete Heller and Steven Hall, knew fellow Chelsea fan Paul Oakenfold and through their connections with him they were invited to the early acid house club nights that Oakenfold was holding in London.
As the crew began to become more involved in clubbing, the fanzine began to cover the nascent scene, becoming its key chronicler and influencing a wave of similar fanzines across the country.
In 1988 they began hosting their own outdoor raves, and in 1990 they formed Boy's Own Recordings.