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Ruth Jackson Greeting Cards

"My designs began life as drawings and paintings inspired by seaside life in my hometown of Poole in Dorset. With a background in advertising and later as a jeweller, I am always on the lookout for new ideas. And so, it wasn’t long before paintings of ice-cream vans, lollies and 99s, as well as portraits of vegetables from our kitchen garden, became a range of greetings cards, aprons, bags and tea towels. The idea for my Pencil Shavings Cards came from my 8 year old son’s pencil case. It was the night before a new term of school and there were an awful lot of blunt pencils to sharpen. Half an hour later the kitchen table was a sea of colourful and rather beautiful pencil shavings. In a moment of inspiration, scissors and glue in hand, the first Pencil Shaving Card was born. And this was it"