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Disco Tees Women's Cellophane Club Rimini 1980s Tee (All Colours)

Located close to the seafront , the club was initially created in the 1960's and called Locanda del Lupo, and could accommodate up to 5,000 people. In 1979 it became New York after much investment into what was then a state-of-the-art nightclub, including a 10,000 watt sound system, and the DJ booth consisted of three Thorens TD125 turntables, replicating the set-up the legendary Larry Levan had installed in the Paradise Garage. A relatively short-lived affair, New York closed its doors on 31/12/80, before reopening again as Cellophane. The 1980's was a boom time for Italian nightclubs, with some 7,000 clubs being built during this era, mainly to capitalise on the Italo House sound. The Romagna Riviera became another essential place to visit for both international DJ's and clubbers alike, and Cellophane and other clubs in Rimini were put firmly on the map for UK clubbers after the Flying trips of 1991 & 1992. 100% Premium Cotton Tee. Machine Wash Cold.