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Dynamite Cuts The Black Windmill Music by Roy Budd 45s Collection

Originally released in 1974. 2 x 7" records. THE BLACK WIND MILL MusiciansRoy Budd Key boards - Harpsichord, Clavinet, Rhodes and Piano, EMS AKSPaul Fishman - Electronic programmed & ARP 2600 KeyboardDaryl Runswick - Bass & Double bassRonnie Verrell- DrumsTristian Fry & Frank Barber - PercussionTubby Hays, Ronnie Scott, Kenny Baker - Horns on 'Radio Music'Orchestral parts: 1973 The National philharmonic led by violinist Sidney SaxDick Loosey - Engineer.Roy Budd & Frank Barber - ArrangerRecorded at CTS Wembley