Pokemon Trading Event - Kids Under 14s - Sundays - 10.30am - 12pm (1.5 Hours)

Pokemon Trading Event - Kids Under 14s - Sundays - 10.30am - 12pm (1.5 Hours)

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Pokemon Trading Event. Sundays from 10.30am - 12pm. (1.5 Hours)

This event is for children under 14 years only - all children must be supervised by a parent/guardian & children are not to be left unattended.

Select date & ticket type from the option menu - there will be 20 standard tickets for each event.

The aim of this event is to get a group of Pokémon enthusiasts together to trade cards, talk Pokémon & have fun.

As you know this could get a little busy (and loud) so we thought best to set a time outside of our usual opening hours specifically for this (The Isleworth store is usually closed on Mondays)

Tickets to attend are £8.99 for a standard entry which will include 2 Pokemon Booster packs and a tin to store them in! or the V.I.P option will be a mystery bag inlcluding 2 booster packs , a professionally graded Pokemon card & a bundle of other goodies for £22.99!

If you would like your child to attend; please purchase a ticket in advance from the online link or instore, we will not be able to accomodate anyone that shows up on the day.

Children can bring their own cards to trade or can use the cards provided above.

We do not think it is fair for us to influence any trades so will not be getting involved in this and for this reason will not be valuing any cards on request.

We suggest you discuss trading in advance with your children & stick to a simple guideline for example; non-holo card for non-holo card, holo card for holo card, V card for V card etc.

No fake cards allowed to be traded. If we see them at the event, we will ask them to be put away, unfortunately, many children have these without realising and may get upset when informed. Please be aware of this!

Please note we have no toilet facilities available on site.

Tickets are non-refundable to no-shows.

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